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Welcome, Penn State Daily Collegian Alumni!

Cover the of the Daily Collegian, February 11-13, 2019.

The Daily Collegian Alumni Interest Group is your organization to connect with today’s Collegian students as well as your fellow Collegian alumni. Our Mission Statement says it all:

“The Daily Collegian AIG will promote The Daily Collegian and The Pennsylvania State University among prospective and current students, alumni, and friends; provide a means for alumni and friends of The Daily Collegian to connect for personal and professional enrichment; and stimulate continued interest in The Daily Collegian experience among all of its graduates.”

The members of our Board of Directors are active doing the work of our organization, but we need to get more alumni involved participating in activities and serving on our committees. Please read the articles below and get involved!


Collegian Alumni Interest Group mentoring program revamped

Calling all Collegian alums, from news and business: Think about the work you’re doing right now. Now, think about your time at the Collegian. What do you wish you’d known then? Or what did you learn then that helped you — maybe in some unexpected way — once you graduated? Now, hold that thought.

We’re revamping the Collegian Alumni Interest Group mentoring program, and we’d love for you to be a part of it. If you think you might have some wisdom to offer today’s Collegianaires, and if you might be willing to spare a day in State College meeting with those students in a classroom setting back in the James Building, we (and the Collegian) could use your help. The time frame on this is flexible and can be adjusted depending on the demands of your schedule. What we really need right now are volunteers who might be interested in participating. Continue Reading →

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