The Daily Collegian Alumni Interest Group Board has approved revisions to the organization’s Bylaws to clarify roles and processes — especially around resignation of officers — and to clarify the ability of former Board members to serve on the Board at future dates. The bylaw revisions will be put to a vote of AIG members during our annual election, to be held from August 30th through September 10th. The ballot will be emailed to members on record and will be available via the Collegian AIG website and social media.

Here is a summary of changes to the Bylaws:

  • Specify representatives of the Collegian who hold non-voting roles on the Board.
  • Allow previous Board members to re-elected to the Board after a one-year absence.
  • Define procedures should an officer or officers resign from the Board.

To see the revisions to the Bylaws, please click here. (Revisions are shown in red.)

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