Collegian AIG

Continuing the Collegian Legacy

The Daily Collegian Alumni Interest Group promotes the Collegian; provides a means for alumni and friends of The Daily Collegian to connect; and stimulates continued interest in The Daily Collegian experience. Students like 2020-21 Business Manager Sarah Andriano and Editor in Chief Maddie Aiken continue to build the Collegian legacy. We acknowledge the good work of outgoing Business Manager Colsen Ackroyd and Editor in Chief Elena Rose as the graduate and enter the ranks of Collegian Alumni.

Stay Informed, Get Connected, Support Our Collegian Students

Nominating Committee Advances Candidates for Board

Other Alumni Can Self-Nominate The  Nominating Committee has advanced the following applicants for the 2020 Collegian Alumni Interest Group Board of Directors election: Curt Harler – Class of 1972; Freelance Writer, Co-author of Collegian Chronicles. Kevin Naff – Class of 1992; Editor and Co-Owner of the Washington Blade. Karen Pallotta – Class of 1985; Retired EVP, Fannie Mae. Robyn Radomski – Class of 1975; Principal of RLR Advisory Group. Members...

Help New Collegian Grads & Students Land Jobs & Internships

As Collegian alumni, we remember the challenge of landing that first job after graduation, or finding a great internship between semesters on campus. Today's graduates and students are facing unprecedented challenges as they seek jobs and internships. We have an opportunity to help new Collegian graduates and Collegian students. Please take a minute to review the list below and connect with soon to be grads and continuing students if you...