As Collegian alumni, we remember the challenge of landing that first job after graduation, or finding a great internship between semesters on campus. Today’s graduates and students are facing unprecedented challenges as they seek jobs and internships. We have an opportunity to help new Collegian graduates and Collegian students. Please take a minute to review the list below and connect with soon to be grads and continuing students if you know of an opportunity for them.

Class of 2020

Andrei Mitrut – Seeking a Job

Major: Economics
Minor: Psychology

Market Research or Consulting. I would prefer NYC if possible or anywhere close on the East Coast.

Caleb Wilfinger – Seeking a Job

Major: Digital & Print Journalism/ Political Science

I am looking for a job in the sports journalism field, preferably as a beat writer for a specific team or league, or as a general sports reporter for an outlet. Some of my other interests include editing, podcasts, social media and radio/television. The location would preferably be in the New York/Connecticut area, but I’m definetely not limited to just that radius.

Connor Donlon – Seeking a Job

Major: Political Science
Minors: History, Italian

Any journalist position in the New York City area

David Eckert – Seeking a Job

Majors: Print and Digital Journalism and Spanish

I am seeking a sports reporting position.

Dylan Jacobs – Seeking a Job

Major: Digital/Print Journalism

Print/Digital Sports Reporting. Would love New York area, but willing to relocate

Elena Rose – Seeking a Job or an Internship

Major: Digital/Print Journalism
Minor in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

I am eager and willing to pursue all types of journalism or general communications opportunities. I’m especially passionate about jobs and internships related to reporting and social media/digital audience engagement.

As someone who dedicated their freshman, sophomore and junior years at the Collegian to reporting for each staff, that experience validated what I already suspected: my heart definitely lies with features reporting. Through my four years at the Collegian, in classes and a previous internship with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, I’ve pursued and produced all types of features on fascinating people, projects and communities. I’d be ecstatic if I could find an opportunity to continue generating engaging and informative features.

I’m also particularly intrigued by social media operations, whether that be for a news outlet or otherwise. As the Collegian’s current Editor-in-Chief and former news social media editor, I’ve dedicated semesters to figuring out what grabs our audience’s attention and how to hone in on that — a mission that evolves every day, but never gets old.

It would be incredibly exciting if a professional opportunity led me to a major city, such as New York City, or Pittsburgh, where I grew up. But, when all is said and done, I am willing and ready to produce my best work anywhere, regardless of location.

James Leavy – Seeking a Job

Major: Photojournalism Minor: Women’s Studies

Photojournalism, location does not matter

Michael Sneff – Seeking a Job

Major: Digital/Print Journalism
Minor: Political Science

Reporting (News), either print/broadcast, content production, professional writing. Anywhere where I can tell the stories that really matter. Based out of Southeast PA, but willing to relocate.

Samantha White – Seeking a Job

Major: Public Relations
Minors: Political Science, Theatre

Entry level press, communications, or marketing job in Washington DC, NYC, Seattle, or San Francisco. Interested in public affairs/government relations, non-profits, political campaigns or offices, agency work, or in-house corporate communications.

Varshini Chellapilla – Seeking a Job

Major: Digital and Print Journalism
Minor: English

Type of Job: I would love to find a full-time position in print or online news media. I am really interested in housing/developmental and environmental stories as well as those that sit in the intersection of politics and culture. However, I have done a lot of stories that fall under the “general assignment” role. I am also interested in jobs involving strategic communications and digital marketing.

Location: I am partial to bigger cities and the suburban regions around them. I don’t think I want to be more than an hour or so away from an urban area. However, otherwise, I am open to any position around the country.

Class of 2021

Adriana Guidi – Seeking an Internship

Major: Public Relations
Minor: Art History

I am seeking something in the public relations and/or journalism field. I am flexible I really just want experience and to learn! I would prefer New York City or D.C.

Benjamin Ferree – Seeking an Internship

Major: Broadcast Journalism
Minor: Digital Media Trends and Analytics

I am seeking a sports reporting internship and eventually a sports reporting job next spring.

Hannah Degler – Seeking an Internship

Major: Advertising
Minors in Psychology, Digital Media Trends & Analytics and Smeal Business Fundamentals Certificate

I am seeking an internship in digital media marketing. I would love something in social media, but I am looking into anything in digital media and analytics! Location is not that important – I’m from Leesport, PA (very small town in the middle of nowhere) and I would probably have to relocate/commute over 30 minutes regardless of where the internship is located!

Lindsey Toomer – Seeking an Internship

Majors: Photojournalism and Global & International Studies
Minor: French

I am looking for any type of news reporting internship for this summer — I am happy to work remotely, as I plan to spend the summer in State College working for the Collegian.

Maddie Aiken – Seeking a Job or an Internship

Major: Digital & Print Journalism

I need to be in State College this summer, so I would only be able to complete an internship in State College or remotely. I am specifically looking for journalism and communications-related internships — journalism preferred. If nothing is open now, I figured if nothing else I’d keep my name on file as I will most definitely be needing a job / internship a year from now.

Class of 2022

Andrew Destin – Seeking an Internship

Major: Broadcast Journalism
Minor: Political Science

I am interested in an internship in any journalism role. Though I have covered primarily sports during my time at Penn State, I have branched out to news coverage in recent months. I was previously signed up to be a play-by-play broadcaster in the Cape Cod Baseball League this summer, but I imagine in the coming days that season will be cancelled. As such, I am interested in reporting, writing feature articles, podcasting and fulfilling any other duties required through such an internship. I have an experience as a columnist and both a feature and beat writer. While there are no sports I can cover, I am willing to utilize these and my other skills in any journalism roles that may become available to me.

Ashley Hayford – Seeking an Internship

Major: Digital/Print Journalism
Minor: Political Science and Communication Arts & Sciences; Aiming for a Certificate in Organizational Communications

I am looking for political reporting internships or internships with the offices of communications directors. I’d be willing to travel for the internships and Washington D.C. would be preferred.

Ava Leone – Seeking an Internship

Major: Digital and Print Journalism
Minors: Spanish, English, & Civic and Community Engagement

I am seeking a journalism or a public relations internship. I am hoping it will be writing and reporting intensive where I can learn skills from reporters or former reporters, as well as additional skills I may need, like social media and digital skills. I am also interested in working in the non-profit sector in the communications field, where I could learn how to help people with my journalism skills and utilize them to make a lasting impact. If the internship is virtual the location does not matter, but if not, internships in the Philadelphia area would be the most convenient for me.

Cassandra Kidwell – Seeking an Internship

Major: Print and Digital Journalism
Minors: Business, Spanish

I am seeking an internship around social media planning, editorial writing, and conveying an overall brand message through media. I would prefer near the Philadelphia area. I also was accepted to the Hollywood program, so internships in LA could also work for Spring in 2021.

Elizabeth Dailey – Seeking an Internship

Major: Advertising/Public Relations
Minors: Spanish, Digital Media Trends/Analytics, and Global/International Relations

Marketing, communications, public relations, social media. New Jersey or New York City

Lizabeth Grace Miller – Seeking an Internship

Major: Journalism
Minor: Creative Writing

I’m looking for any communications-related internships! Ideally, it would be some sort of writing internship, whether it be articles or other informational pieces. Flexibility would be appreciated, as I will have another job, and of course, pay would always be a plus. Of course, I understand these things are often not all available, which is totally fine — I’m flexible too! Regarding location, summer internships would either have to be remote, or located around York, Lancaster or Harrisburg. For internships during the academic year, I would be open to remote positions or positions in State College (I have my own transportation).

Also, here’s the link to my Collegian profile for work references:

Travis Blanchard – Seeking an Internship

Majors: Political Science and Public Relations

I am looking for internships related to marketing, public relations, politics, and government.

Class of 2023

Ben McClary – Seeking an Internship

Major: Film-Video

I’m looking for any internship involving film or video production. I would prefer internships based out of, or near, State College or eastern North Carolina, but I would be interested in hearing about any positions available!

Christina Baker

Majors: Print/Digital Journalism and Political Science

I’m looking for any internship in journalism, but I would also take a communications internship. I’m willing to do unpaid internships if necessary.

I’m located in York, PA this summer and could easily commute to Harrisburg or Baltimore, and I would be happy to work remotely.

Lilly Riddle – Seeking an Internship

Majors: Digital/Pring Journalism & Political Science

I’m looking for any internship involving news writing/reporting, long-form storytelling or multimedia reporting. I’ve had one internship experience already but I’d like to have as many as possible throughout my college career. Ideally it would be in either State College, PA or New York, NY.

Megan Swift – Seeking a Job or an Internship

Major: Print/Digital Journalism through the Schreyer Honors College
Minors: Creative Writing & Entrepreneurial Innovation

I will be in Pittsburgh for the summer and would be open to either in person opportunities close by (if everything settles with coronavirus) or digital opportunities.

Webb Lin – Seeking an Internship

Major: DUS
News internship (New York)

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