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This has been a tough year for the college students working at The Daily Collegian, and the next semester likely won’t be any better.

The COVID-19 shutdowns have forced most of them to work remotely. Meanwhile, they’ve taken classes on computers in their homes far from Happy Valley. They’ve missed the camaraderie of The Collegian newsroom. They feel isolated and long for in-person interaction with their Collegian peers, their fellow students and their professors.

The Collegian Alumni Interest Group (AIG) urges Collegian alumni to support their current counterparts at the paper. Listed below are several ways to do that.

  1. Donate to The Daily Collegian by clicking here.
  2. Donate to the Collegian Scholarship Fund by clicking here.
  3. Serve as a mentor to a Collegian student in these trying times. Email the Collegian AIG at: or Karen Pallotta at
  4. Share your professional expertise and how your experience at the Collegian helped shape your success by volunteering to speak at a Zoom Roundtable: Email The Collegian AIG at or Megan Hennigan at
  5. Get involved in the Collegian Alumni Interest Group Board. Email Board President Jordan Hyman at
  6. Join The Collegian’s Facebook group for Penn State sports fans. It’s dedicated solely to filling the need for Penn State sports news.
  7. Subscribe to The Collegian’s YouTube channel

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