The Collegian Alumni Interest Group is looking to fill three seats on its Board of Directors. Each involves a three-year term, beginning in the summer of 2015.

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone eligible for membership in the Collegian AIG — meaning anyone who once worked for The Daily Collegian — is eligible for election to the board.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Members participate by telephone in periodic, hour-long sessions scheduled on weekdays, and in an annual general meeting held in State College. This year’s meeting has not yet been scheduled. In addition, members are expected to serve on committees that further the work of the board.

HOW TO APPLY: The Nominating Committee will advance a slate of candidates; to be considered, contact committee chairman Liz Murphy at [email protected] by May 15. Please include information about what you did for the Collegian, your graduating year; a resume or summary of your work experience, including your current position; and a paragraph explaining why you would like to join the board.

If your nomination is not advanced by the committee, you may then self-nominate by collecting the signatures of 20 Collegian alumni who are supporters. These applications must be sent by June 15 to [email protected], or 330 Delafield Place NW, #4, Washington, D.C., 20011.

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