Hello, Collegian Alumni –

Over the past year, the Daily Collegian Alumni Interest Group has been actively connecting alumni and supporting Collegian students. We’d like to get more alumni involved – including you!

Our big event last year was the Collegian’s 130th Reunion, which brought alumni and students together for a weekend of festivities. Our most significant activities this year have been supporting the Collegian students through scholarships, funding for equipment, and advising and mentoring students as they work through transitions affecting the news business – especially at the Collegian.

Specifically, the Collegian Alumni Interest Group provided two scholarships of almost $4,000 each to Collegian Managing Editor Kara Duriez and Business Staff Graphic Designer Ben Pietrusinski. We also purchased $3,000 of photographic and digital recording equipment for our student journalists.

One of our most exciting activities this year has been the work our Board members have been doing with the students of the Collegian to provide professional advice and perspectives, especially in the areas of branded content and strategies. Bringing our expertise to bear as professionals who have the shared experience of having been Collegian staffers is a tremendous value to the continuing legacy of the Collegian.

As we look toward 2019, we will continue our work with the Collegian students to help them not only in their work on the Collegian, but also to develop greater professional skills and connections as they move forward toward careers like we enjoy. To do this, we would like to get more involved with the activities of Collegian Alumni Interest Group. Here are some ways that you can participate:

  1. Volunteer for Committees – We need volunteers to work with us on the Communications, Events, and Fundraising Committees. You can volunteer by completing this form.
  2. Mentor Students – Our Student Engagement Committee would like to hear from alumni interested in helping with student mentoring. Please complete this form if you’d like to volunteer.
  3. Participate in Meetups – We will hold meetups in 2019 to bring alumni together in a variety of locations. Stay tuned for more information.
  4. Donate Money– If you are so inclined, please make a contribution to support our work with the students of the Collegian. Our operating costs are very low, and our largest expenditures go directly to supporting the students. You can contribute to the Alumni Interest Group by using this link Donate Via PayPal.

We’d also encourage you to like and follow our Facebook Page. We welcome your active participation in the Collegian Alumni Interest Group. If you’d like to contact us, you can email us, [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Collegian AIG Board of Directors


Volunteer for the Collegian AIG

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