It’s the end of an era. The Collegian’s trusty steed, the belabored Subaru hatchback, has seen its final miles.

Over the past two years, generous alumni like you have donated nearly $4,000 toward the future of the aged car. Collegian students and staff have decided that they no longer need a staff car. Instead, they’ll scrap what’s left of the Subaru.

Now that the car has seen its last mile, our $3,964 in alumni donations will be given to the Collegian as a one-time infusion restricted for transit uses, such as towing costs and reimbursements to students who will now use their own vehicles on Collegian assignments. We’re grateful to alumni who have given so generously to this cause, and we’re proud to help Collegian students with this donation.

As the Collegian’s financial needs change, so have the Collegian AIG’s. Ultimately, it’s the AIG’s goal to continue to support the evolving need of the students in the basement of the James Building. As the AIG listens and learns of the needs on the ground, we’re refocusing our fundraising efforts.

That means the AIG is embarking on its next stage of fundraising for students. With direction from our friends at 123 S. Burrowes, we’re working to help students cover Penn State as they never have before. This Giving Tuesday, we’re asking alumni to help us fund the latest and greatest technologies to help Collegian students build the newsroom of the future.

On Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, consider giving back to the institution that gave you so much. We’ll be in touch soon with more details.

Please contact us ([email protected]) with any questions/comments about the car fund within the next 30 days. And as always, we welcome your ideas for alumni activities, engagement, fundraising, and mentoring. Let us know what you think.

All my best,
Rossilynne Skena Culgan and Collegian AIG

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