Choose may be a bit of an exaggeration. There are four open slots on the board and four candidates from whom to “choose.” 

Still, it would be great if you did vote. It only takes a minute. We promise. And you have until Aug. 26 to do it!

Click here to access the ballot. Just think of how sad the candidates will be if they receive only 15 or 20 votes knowing that 2,500 Collegian alums receive this newsletter!

Such a massively underwhelming vote count occurred in the balloting last year, and that’s a pretty slim endorsement for candidates from their Collegian colleagues.

The candidates are (drum roll please):  Current board members Barbara White Stack, who serves as board secretary and newsletter editor; R.J. Hufnagel, who handles social media for the board, and Nicole Miao, who aided with the mentoring program and is helping organize the 135th Collegian Reunion events.

Also recommended by the board nominating committee is Christopher Wightman, a 1985 journalism graduate of Penn State who worked as a sports reporter and assistant editor for The Daily Collegian. Wightman is the owner and publisher of Wightman Media LLC in New York.

If you are appalled by this lack of choice, we applaud you. Please step forward and join a committee with the idea that you’ll  stand for election to the board next year, when, again, there will be at least three openings. To join a committee, just send an email to [email protected].

This year the board is organizing events  to commemorate the 135th anniversary of The Collegian and conducting a fundraiser to support the current Collegian students. Join us and bring your ideas for future projects!

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Barbara Stack

I started my journalism career at The Daily Collegian, where I covered cops, "radicals and minorities," and served as editorial page editor. After graduation, I worked as a reporter and feature writer for two community papers, The Tribune-Review and the Beaver County Times, before being hired by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I worked for the Post-Gazette for 27 years as a reporter, assistant city editor and editorial page writer. For a decade I covered issues regarding children and families, and a series of stories I wrote, along with a court case I persuaded the Post-Gazette to pursue, led to an order opening to the press and public dependency hearings in Pennsylvania juvenile court. In 2007, I began working as a blog writer for the United Steelworkers Union, composing blogs and op-eds that were published in the name of the union's international president. I am now retired and working as a consultant for The Pittsburgh Foundation's communications department.