Meeting of AIG Board
July 19, 2014

On Call: Renee, Liz, Ramit, Lexi, Greg, Jeremy
In Person: Candy, Patti, Rossilynne, Andrew, Abby

Renee welcomes the three new members of the Board of Directors to the group:

Renee discusses the election results. Almost 150 votes were tabulated. Bruce provided some additional data on the conversion percentage and traction between sending out availability to vote and number of people who actually voted. Several discussions on trying to see what additional data could be gathered and applied to expand our email distribution potential.

A question was asked to compare year over year voting numbers. Will follow up with Bruce on the data, but Greg and Renee believe the number of voters is about the same. Lexi asks for more details about the voter pool between the AIG’s listserv and PSU’s listserv. Abby suggests some additional methods we can use for alumni outreach (example: Mail Chimp) in voting and general communication. Andrew will follow up when talking about the communications committee.

Renee begins discussion on Board elections as she becomes Immediate Past President. Three positions are available:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary

Andrew asks that a review is given on each position opening for new Board Members before selection. Of note regarding the Secretary position and keeping the minutes, all past minutes are now available on a Google drive file.

  • For Board President, Andrew nominates Rossilynne, Abby seconds, Rossilynne accepts and group vote confirmed
  • For Board Vice President, Rossilynne nominates Lexi, Liz seconds, Greg self-nominates, Andrew and Renee second.
  • Discussion commences on bylaws of the position
  • Lexi makes a statement for position
  • Greg makes a statement for position
  • Roll call vote by Candy:
    • For Greg: Andrew, Renee, Greg
    • For Lexi: Abby, Lexi, Ramit, Liz, Susan
    • Abstain: Rossilynne
  • Lexi becomes Vice President
  • For Secretary, Andrew nominates Abby, Roslynne seconds, Abby accepts and group vote confirmed
  • Renee approves last meeting’s minutes, Susan seconds, board votes to approve.

Committee reports

Nominating committee report by Renee

  • Additional follow up on the voting procedure
  • Will continue format for next year
  • Jerry mentioned that the next nominating committee chair not have a conflict of interest (Greg mentioned that there is an unwritten protocol but agrees that bylaw changes may be put in place to prevent the issue)

Scholarship committee report by Renee

  • Discussion of the qualifications to have a candidate be eligible for the scholarship
  • Andrew brings up the point of “junior and senior standing” as a point of change
  • Renee says we can change the criteria to make the control less on PSU standings and more to Collegian criteria
  • Victoria is now eligible to receive the scholarship; Sam is currently not eligible by current standards
  • Rossilynne asks how other groups handle this issue. It may need to be a procedural change that the Board needs to make. Discussion continues on the current procedure
  • Candy notes that she works with the PSU scholarship group (Janet) on non-AIG Collegian scholarships
  • AIG Board reaches conclusion to change language for parameters of the scholarship which the new committee will work on before the next scholarship selection kicks off
  • Additional general background is given by Renee to the new Board members

Communications committee report by Renee

  • Mostly discussed earlier when talking about the voting results
  • Renee acknowledges Lexi on her social media work towards the AIG Board vote, including tweets to remind people to vote

Bylaws by Greg

  • Refreshing the bylaws (Greg)
    • Goal is to have bylaws updated by the committee for Board review by end of September
    • Review and feedback from whole Board finalized by end of 2014
    • Review and feedback from AIG membership by end of March 2014
    • Vote to approve updated bylaws by next election to be installed at 2015 annual meeting
  • Background on the bylaws given as requested by Rossilynne
  • Items that we want to change asked by Abby
    • Officer description
    • Combining Outreach and Communication Committees

Fundraising/Events Committee by Andrew

  • Andrew recaps the effort to help the Collegian buy a new car
    • Spring and Fall events
    • Collegian merchandise
    • General donations
  • Takeaways from the meet up in February 2014
    • No open bar
    • Tax deductible information in advance
    • Extension of voice about the event through other alumni
  • Current Event Calendar over the next few years
    • Fall 2014 plan to launch an online store for Collegian merchandise to be further discussed in committee
    • Spring 2015 plan to hold a Blue/White Tailgate
    • Fall 2015-Spring 2016 Regional events
    • Spring 2017 leads into the 130th Anniversary Reunion
  • Further fundraising discussions include potential use of donation management systems
  • Discussion continues on how people can donate to the Collegian directly versus to the Collegian AIG
  • Goal for full fundraising of the Collegian car is 2017 after the 130th reunion

Outreach Committee report by Lexi

  • Lexi talks about the current methods and feedback
  • Overall the 1-on-1 program doesn’t work, so will start over with a new method
  • 3 part program has been designed and distributed to the Board
  • Online Database by decade
  • Create Listservs
  • Workshops towards students (In person and online group chats)
  • Current communications with students – what’s the current practice to help us connect the AIG to students
  • Fundamental problem that students don’t know we exist
  • Patti suggests an alumni week

Patti updates on the search for News Adviser

Committee assignments (Emailed to the group to select members)

  • Scholarship – Renee (Chair), Greg, Andrew
  •  Nominating – Liz (Chair)
  • Outreach – Lexi (Chair)
  • Communications – Bruce (Chair-Tentative)
  • Fundraising – Andrew (Chair)
  • Bylaws – Greg (Chair)
  • Committees will be fully filled by next call

Good of the order

  • Renee received the annual report that needs to be filled out for the Collegian AIG, due by August 22
    • Jen needs to fill out the financial form
    • Opportunity to become a group in good standing or group of distinction
  • Happy birthday Rossilynne
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