August 14, 2016

The Daily Collegian Office and via teleconference

Name Term End Email Role Attended
Rossilynne Skena Culgan 2017 [email protected] President YES
Terrence Casey 2019 [email protected] Vice President & Events Chair YES
Stacie Coleman 2019 [email protected] Treasurer & Events YES
Abigail Fairman 2017 [email protected] Secretary  & Alumni Engagement YES
Lexi Belculfine 2019 [email protected] Student Engagement YES
Chuck Hall 2017 [email protected] Alumni Engagement Chair YES
Jordan Hyman 2019 [email protected] Alumni Engagement YES
Casey McDermott 2018 [email protected] Student Engagement NO
Elizabeth Murphy 2017 [email protected] Alumni Engagement NO
Greg Rubin 2018 [email protected] Nominating/Bylaws Chair YES
Katie Sullivan 2018 [email protected] Student Engagement Chair YES
vacant 2018
Trudi Gilfillian [email protected] TDC Professional Staff* YES
Patti Hartranft [email protected] TDC Professional Staff* YES
Scott Witham [email protected] TDC Professional Staff* NO

* non-voting

The Daily Collegian AIG Mission Statement  

The Daily Collegian AIG will promote The Daily Collegian and The Pennsylvania State University among prospective and current students, alumni, and friends; provide a means for alumni and friends of The Daily Collegian to connect for personal and professional enrichment; and stimulate continued interest in The Daily Collegian experience among of all its graduates.

Old board business

  1. Board unanimously approved July 2016 Minutes.
  2. Recap of Election:  we had 80 votes cast and the full slate was approved.
  3. We thank Mike Signora, Andrew McGill and Renee Petrina for their service and welcome Jordan Hyman and Terry Casey to the Board.  
  4. Stacie delivered a check for Patti for the Brainworks invoice that included one license + an additional year for a total of $2133.24.
  5. Follow up item: Single Seat Vacancy
    1. We still have one board seat that is vacant.  There are two years remaining on the term, but the individual will still be able to run for two full terms when the partial term is complete.  
    2. Outgoing editor-in-chief (Shannon Sweeney) has expressed interest in helping out and the board discussed her appointment.  There was some concern about an uneven news-to-business ratio, but most believed having a recent graduate with ties to the current staff would be a benefit. Once elected, the new AIG President will make an appointment so that the Board is complete.  

New board business

  1.  Discussion of 2016-2017 AIG Goals and Objectives.  
    1. The board felt the biggest accomplishments of the last few years were: 125th Reunion in 2013, annual student scholarships, local meet-ups in major cities and the new Technology Fund.
    2. Majority of our efforts have been focused on fundraising and funding one-off projects for the paper.  The board feels we need to focus more on alumni engagement, with the belief that the network will be more eager to donate/participate if they feel they are part of a dynamic organization.
    3. Our level of outreach to Collegian alumni also needs to improve.  Several people gave examples of individuals who did not know the organization existed.  Facebook pages were deemed “dormant” and the AIG website is in need of a refresh.  Additionally, our lack of a proper alumni database is hurting our efforts to communicate effectively.   
    4. Board Agreed that our 2016-2017 priorities will be:
      • Alumni Engagement (Chuck)
      • Alumni database (Rossilynne/Abby)
      • Alumni reunion in 2017 to mark 130 anniversary (Terry/Stacie)
  1. Officer Selection
    1. All officer positions are currently valid for 2 years, but we propose to stagger them so that President and Treasurer do not reset in the same years.  This will need to be approved by the membership next year.
    2. The Board unanimously approved the 2016-2017 Officers, with extensions for Vice President and Treasurer once approved by the membership.
      • President – Rossilynne Culgan (1 year 2016-2017)
      • Vice President – Terry Casey (2 year 2016 – 2018)
      • Treasurer – Stacie Coleman (2 year 2016 – 2018)
      • Secretary – Abby Fairman (1 year 2016-2017)
    3. Past President does not need to be filled at this time.  

Committee Reports

  1. Executive Committee (Rossilynne)  
  1. Treasurer’s Report – balances have not changed.  Checking balance is $4,527.83 and the money market account is $10,217.06
  2. Annual report has been submitted to the Penn State Alumni Association and accepted.  Greg has confirmed Alumni Association membership for all Board members.
  1. Nominating & Bylaws (Greg)
    1. Creating one committee so Greg can bring someone else up to speed on bylaws.
  2. Alumni Engagement Committee (Chuck + Liz, Jordan, Abby)
    1. Changed name from Communications to Alumni Engagement.
    2. Will include website, social media, newsletter and improved alumni database.
  3. Student Engagement (Katie + Lexi, Casey)
    1. Includes former Mentoring and Scholarship committees
  4. Events Committee (Terry + Stacie, TBD)
    1. Includes fundraising and Alumni Reunion

Update from Collegian, Inc.

  • Candidate tryouts will commence on August 30.  

General Announcements

  • Committee Chairs should submit brief annual goals and plans to Rossilynne in advance of the next meeting.  
  • Monthly meetings will take place the second Wednesday of each month at Noon.  Abby will send a new calendar invitation.
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Mary Lannon · at

Hi there,
I’m an alum and have often thought of donating to the Daily Collegian but I have never been able to figure out how. I know that the Daily Collegian is separate
from Penn STate alum but have been on the newspaper web site to try to figure out how to donate and have not seen anyway to do that (it was a couple of years ago so maybe it has been fixed). I am happy that I found the Facebook page and through that these minutes.

So I hope to be in your new database so that I can give some funds!! The Collegian had such a huge impact on me!!

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